Photography Studio for Hire

Extra Items

  1. Freshly painted CYC $60

  2. Extra hour- $80 per hour

  3. Profoto D1 Air1000w+stand +shaper, $70/each 

  4. Profoto D1 Air 500w + stand+ shaper, $50/each

  5. LED 1000 continuous light +stand, $40/each 

  6. 2 x Profoto D1 Air Remote $25

  7. 2.4m x 2.4m Butterfly Scrim $70

  8. 2.1m x 1.5m Butterfly Scrim $50

  9. FOBA studio camera stand $80

  10. Background paper + stand, $60/each

  11. 2 x Standard C-Stand Grip Arm, $10/each

  12. Color Gels, $10

  13. Hair/clothing blower, $20

  14. Extra Clothing Z-rack, $10 

  15. Garment Steamer $20

  16. Iron + iron board $20

  17. Tether cable $10

  18. Tether jerkstopper $5

  19. Tether Cable USB extension $5

  20. Light meter Sekonic L-758c for $10

  21. Colour checker Passport/grey card $5

Extra Items you wish to add

Terms and Conditions:

This agreement contains the understanding between Tempe Studios ("Studio") and the Customer. 


Booking: Full payment must be made in full before the booking date. 

Cancellation Policy: If you have to cancel more than 3 days in advance, nothing is charged. Within 1-3 days, will receive 50% refund. Less than 24 hours, full payment is charged.

Change of booking date is free given more than 3 days of the booking date, otherwise there is a $25 admin fee will apply.


The Customer please ensure that your public liability insurance covers you and your clients whilst using the Studio. The Customer fully recognises that there are risks to conducting a photo shoot at the Studio, which the Customer is voluntarily entering into. The Studio will not cover any damages relating to personal injury or property damage or loss.

The Customer is responsible for his or her own equipment and personal property.


If any property or equipment from the Studio is damaged due to Customer negligence, then the Customer will be charged for the repair or replacement cost. 

The booking times include bump in & bump out. Full hourly rate will be charged if booking goes over time.

Tempe Studios

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Tel 0434 000 678



lighting equipment
available on-site

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